Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is a Secondary Market Annuity?

One of the typical hurdles to leap anytime you are getting ready to make a substantial investment is to learn as much as you can about the asset class you’re interested in. Obviously SMAs are no different. Although these unique investment opportunities have been around for many years, they have been reserved for institutional investors, who used the strategy for high yield safe-money returns.  Below is an excerpt from SMASource, defining the term for us so that we can ‘come to the table’ with some basic knowledge:

http://www.smasource.com/A Secondary Market Annuity (or SMA) is a discounted cash flow.  Secondary Market Annuities originate with the resale of an existing annuity income stream.  These income streams originate from factored structured settlements, in-force period certain annuities, or a lottery prize payout.

We only offer SMAs from those insurance companies that are highly rated by Standard & Poor’s and other agencies for claims paying ability, making the Secondary Market Income Annuities we offer one of the safest forms of fixed term purchases available today. Full text here smasource.com

One little known “secret” is that secondary market annuities are available to individual investors, and have been for many years. But they remain an “underground” strategy capitalized upon by a few savvy investors. Visit our website to learn more about SMAs and sign up for a free newsletter that describes the investment in detail, and how you and your family can benefit from this super-safe-money investment.


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Monday, November 16, 2015

How the 2008 Crisis Spawned the SMA Industry

If you’ve been poking around on our website a bit, you’ll have seen a great deal of information on secondary market annuities. You’ll also note that we are often looking to Nathaniel Pulsifer and Bryan Anderson as experts in this field…why? Because they not only have extensive experience in the SMA industry, but the are very generous with their knowledge and are willing to share much of what they know. They truly are great people.

Nathaniel also happens to to run the largest clearing house of SMA options available to the public – so, he’s basically the “go to” source when it comes to everything SMA. That inventory of assets is used both by institutional players as well as the general public.

Here’s an excerpt from a brief article on Nathaniel’s site, SecondaryMarketAnnuity.net that discusses how this unique investment opportunity evolved from an institution-only product, to one that offers tremendous potential for everyday investors looking for safe-money solutions to their retirement needs.

Structured Settlements And The Credit Markets

It all stems from the credit crisis of 2008.  Selling future payments for cash today to factoring companies has been an ongoing business for decades.  But most factoring companies were either backed by a few wealthy individuals or by bank credit lines known as warehouse lines.

But along came the credit crisis of 2008, and even perfectly profitable and healthy businesses had their lines of credit shut off as banks went into turmoil.

Thus, a window of opportunity opened for individuals to purchase these future payments through advisers with relationships to various other factoring companies, at yields that far exceed comparable safe money alternatives. See full article secondarymarketannuity.net (affiliate link)

Find out more about the advantages of buying secondary market annuities from SMASecureAssets.com, our informative website focused on the world of factored structured settlements.


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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Subscribe to the SecondaryMarketAnnuity.net Newsletter?

Hello Friends!

If you’ve spent any amount of time perusing this website, you’ve probably already noticed that we are strong advocates of Nathaniel Pulsifer and Bryan Anderson and their exciting safe-money investment product….the secondary market annuity. They are terrific people, and also happen to be pre-eminent in their field – a double win!

If you’ve had time to read about this asset class, you already know it represents a very conservative investment strategy to generate higher than average yield with virtually no volatility (in return you do give up liquidity). In case you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, here’s a sample from Nathaniel. The newsletter provides a wealth of information on SMAs in general, and you’ll also receive timely alerts like the one below:

It’s just incredible.  We’ve held, released, reserved, and placed over $4.4M worth of inventory in the last 6 days, and still we have a fantastic selection with new cases still coming in.

I’m taking a break from the action to urge you to take a second look at our immediate income- with cases ranging as short as 10 years and under $50,000 to as long as 40 years and up to $583,000, there is something for everyone.

As with last week, my personal favorite is the Prudential case- 192 monthly payments starting at $3640.93 and increasing 2% per year.  This payment starts May 1‘st of next year and lasts until April of 2032.  What a perfect 16 year payment stream!

There have been 5 holds and releases on this case this week, but today it’s wide open.

Any purchase is a big decision, so I urge you to reach out and talk with me or Bryan to understand Secondary MarketAnnuities fully, without any of the fever that comes with a specific deal.

Lets take time to go thru the process entire before you hold or reserve a specific case.  There’s no reason to feel rushed, because taking some time to understand the market first allows you to strike when opportunity arises.

Give us a call, we look forward to speaking with you…

Did we mention the newsletter is 100% free, with absolutely no obligation? If not, we’re mentioning it now! See our homepage at SMASecureAssets.com for a rundown of secondary market annuities as well as the links to sign up today.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why You Should Target Retirement Income Instead of Retirement Savings

A more realistic way of planning

How long will you live? How long will your money last? These questions lie at the heart of retirement planning, and yet most people have unrealistic views of both. One result is that they enter retirement grossly undersaved.

Many people believe they won’t live past 80, says Chip Castille, chief retirement strategist at investment manager BlackRock. But with a 65-year-old couple, one is nearly a lock to make it to 85, and there is an 18% chance one will make it to 95.

Likewise, people tend to overestimate how far their money will go. The average boomer aged 55-65 plans to have $45,500 in annual retirement income, one survey found. Yet the average nest egg of this group is just $132,000. By BlackRock’s estimate, that would generate only $9,129 of guaranteed lifetime annual income.

Read more here:  http://time.com/money/4095927/retirement-income-savings/